A decorative floor medallion in the foyer of a home, or a mosaic wallpaper design behind the sink in a powder room are striking ways to personalize the home. In the past, these designs were limited to hand cut stone, or mosaics making the designs limited and the prices high. Water jet floor patterns and mosaic designs are more cost effective, intricate and versatile than ever before.


Water jet is a means of cutting stone tiles cleanly, and easily. A computer program is used to map out the design, which stones will be placed within it, and where the cuts need to be made. This program then guides a high pressure water stream which slices into the stone.

The result is intricately cut and designed pieces of stone with extremely clean, smooth edges. These pieces can then be joined together with little to no grout joint between them. Often times the pieces will be joined together with an epoxy into one piece, such as a floor medallion or decorative or border and shipped to the job site as is. The solid piece can then be installed with other stone, tile or wood surrounding it for a seamless look.

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